Food Relief & Material Aid

The Facts

Although our core business is food sustainability and working with local charities to disseminate rescued food to disenfranchised and vulnerable individuals and struggling families, we also actively assist with material aid, clothing, footwear, literature and animal care support. The significance of what Avocare does is reflected in the facts that we

  • Distributed 1.26 kiloton [metric] of rescued food in 2016 which using the Foodbank Victoria conversion of 750 grams is the equivalent of a meal ~ Avocare disseminated 1,680,000 meals which equates to over 32,000 meals a week
  • Assisted local charities that were instrumental in providing over 100,000 families with vital food relief on a fortnightly basis
  • Provided over 3000 freshly cooked nutritious homemade meals
  • Distributed over 2 tons of clothing and shoes
  • Helped furnish 50 households with material aid assistance
  • Distributed 4 tons of books to children’s reading programs and charities


“Avocare has strong ties to the community, through our extensive network and partnerships, or local knowledge and social media followers, we take every chance we can to change the lives of those less fortunate in our community” – Trish Keilty