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The Avocare Story

Avoca is a beautiful spot in the County Wicklow, Ireland. A special place in the heart of Founder and Managing Director Trish Keilty, a place of tranquillity and spiritual beauty. The River Avoca forms part of her story, the “meeting of the waters” where two rivers meet. She adapted the name Avocare because “caring” for those less fortunate has always been part of her nature.

Born in Dublin, Ireland, Trish established Avocare within the Greater City of Dandenong in 2003. Having lived and worked in the Dandenong area for over three decades, Trish was very aware of the challenges faced by the people in her community. Her passion was to help the disadvantaged members of the community to develop their full potential through focused personal development training, employment programs and assisting with the ever increasing need for food relief and material aid.

With much success with Avocares progression within the community and to further strengthen her determination, Trish then went on to establish Avocare Community Connect (ACC) in 2011, with this Trish has made an immeasurable impact over the past 14 years as a passionate and trusted advocate in the Dandenong community. Her initiatives continue to help individuals reach their full potential through providing hands on work experience, whilst also providing members of the local community with basic human right of access to nourishing, health food.

Through her commitment to Avocare, Trish has enriched the lives of those less fortunate who are particularly vulnerable. Her initiatives have demonstrated lasting results and the impact of her commitment has been felt by the thousands of individuals and families she has helped, the unemployed who have been given working opportunities, and the more than 100 local charities who benefit from Avocare’s services.

“Avocare is a charity with a heart, and charity begins at home, Dandenong is our home” 

– Trish Keilty – August 2017 –



“Trish has made a difference to so many members of our community since 2003”.

“Sadly access to affordable, healthy food is not always available to members of our community. He added, citing low incomes, lack of transport and unfamiliarity with Western food as contributing factors. The council are proud to work with Avocare and we will continue to support this wonderful organisation into the future”

Greater City of Dandenong Mayor Jim Memeti – August 2017