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In 2016 1.26 kiloton of rescued food passed through the Avocare Community Connect warehouse direct to our charities, to assist families and individuals in need.

That equates to over 32,000 meals per week!

What we do...

Avocare is a social enterprise with charitable status offering education, employment and training programs. Each of our programs play a vital role in providing support services to over 100 charities with emergency food relief, material aid and the supply of community meals and goods.

Work for the Dole...

Through each of our structured work experience activities, jobseekers will be able to progressively develop the holistic range of skills and attitudes required to participate actively and gain sustained meaningful employment.

Who are Avocare?

Founded in 2003, Avocare has been servicing the City of Greater Dandenong for over 10 years, supporting over 125 local charities that provide for disenfranchised individuals, struggling families and the elderly.

Avocare collaborates with service providers to provide a range of services to local residents. An essential welfare facility in the South East Melbourne community, the Avocare Community Connect (ACC) distribution centre is a central food collection point for local charities in the South East and work with two of the largest food rescue organisations in Victoria.

In 2016, 1.26 kiloton of food and goods was disseminated from Avocare’s distribution centre in Dandenong South. Which equates to over 32,000 meals a week!

Along with the provision of vital food relief and essential material aid, Avocare is one of the largest work for the dole providers in Melbourne’s South East. Each Work for the Dole (WFD) activity assists long term unemployed individuals to gain hands on industry based skills with a view to increasing their employment opportunities and also focuses on the development of community connectedness, engagement and development of valuable task and employability skills with the dual purpose of being a benefit to the community.

This is achieved through ongoing community based activities, such as home cooked portable meals and sandwiches for the homeless, sorting of fresh fruit and vegetables for charity collection, donated clothing options for job interviews, specialised hampers prepared and historical archiving for the Dandenong Journal – all in which give back to the community in spades.

In the past 12 months, over 11,00 Work for the Dole participants have been involved in Avocare’s activities, predominantly at the Dandenong site. In May 2017 alone, there were 784 participants working at the Avocare’s premises at Zilla Court.

Our vision is: To Foster community connectedness through the empowerment of individuals.

How did Avocare start?

Avoca is a beautiful spot in the County Wicklow, Ireland. A special place in the heart of founder, Trish Keilty, a place of tranquillity and spiritual beauty. The River Avoca forms part of her story, the “meeting of the waters” where two rivers meet. She adapted the name Avocare because caring for those less fortunate has always been part of her nature.

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Congratulations to Avocares Founder & Managing Director, Trish Keilty on being awarded Citizen of the year 2018, City of Greater Dandenong.

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